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Sugar CRM Plugin
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Product Information

Email PDF attachment plugin allows you to attach a PDF with the mail through workflow. That means a the workflow is created, in which on a certain condition you can perform an action to send email along with a PDF attached to the an mail.


  • Attach PDF to the email in a workflow.

  • PDF templates created in PDF templates module can be used for attachments.

  • Can create predefined PDF templates

  • No need to compose mails separately.

  • Create predefined automated emails with PDF attached which will get delivered as per the condition set.

Problem Statment

In order to send a PDF attachment with the mail we need to go to emails, module then compose mail with the attachment. But if a user desires to send automated email with PDF attached based on a particular condition then through workflow a user can send an email but cannot attach a PDF with it. Hence we designed this plugin so that user can create automated emails with PDF attached. The PDF templates created in PDF templates module are itself used as an attachment, therefore a user can create these templates before hand for further use.

How to use

  • Login to CRM->Go to PDF templates module.




  • Create a PDF template according to your requirement which you want to send as an email attachment.

  • After creating the PDF template go to the workflow module and create a workflow according to your requirement. Add conditions accordingly.




  • When you will go to the action panel in “Select Action” drop-down you will see an additional option called “Send Email PDF”.




  • After selecting the “Send Email PDF” option you will see an additional dropdown field called “PDF Email Attachment” in the Action panel.




  • Now click on save to save the Workflow.

  • Go to the respective module for which you have created a workflow.
    For e.g we have created a workflow for the quotes module. Whenever the “Quote Stage” value is “Draft” on save you need to send the email to specific Email ID. Hence, whenever a quote is created with this condition an email will be sent to the defined Email ID.

  • In order to achieve the above condition go to the a quotes module create quote. Update “Quote Stage” value to “Draft”. Complete the details for the record and then save it.

  • An email will go to the desired email address specified in the workflow with the attachment.

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Rajneesh Gupta

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