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Upload Multiple Images and Document


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Product Information

As per the default functionality of SugarCRM, only one file type field can be added to a view. Many of our clients had a requirement to add multiple documents or images in the respective module. To do so, our developers came up with the idea of making a custom field that could handle multiple uploads of files. You can also preview the uploaded documents.

We provide an excellent data type for uploading Multiple Documents or Images. There are 2 ways for Uploading Documents

  1. Upload

  2. Drag and Drop Files



  • This PlugIn can be used for any module you choose and hence the Documents field can be added and adjusted in various layouts such as Edit View, Detail view, List view, Dashlets etc.

  • Each Document has Option of Default Document, abort, and Delete

  • Default Option is to set only one Default Document

  • When Document is Uploading and if you need to cancel it there is an  Abort button.

  • For Deleting Uploaded document or Image just click on cross (X) on Document


  • Upload Multiple Documents or Images

           As Name Suggest You can Upload Multiple Images or Documents.    

  • Perform Different Action

           You can Default, Abort, and  Delete your Uploaded Documents or Images.

  • Preview

          You can see the preview of documents in Detail View and List View.

  • Flexible for Module and View           

  • Upload Various Types of Documents

  1. Pdf

  2. Docx

  3. Doc

  4. Txt

  5. Mp4

  6. Pem

  7. Ppk

  8. Gif

  9. Jpeg

  10. MP4


Problem Statment

        Problem statement:

  1. By default, CRM does not have the facility to upload multiple documents or images. Only one file type data type exists, which allows uploading a single file.

  2. No preview facility. By default, CRM does not have the facility to preview the uploaded documents.

  3. Hence, Ideadunes team has come up with the facility to upload multiple documents and images with preview facility.

How to use

  • Instructions on how to add Documents field in any module after installing the plugin successfully.

Go to admin

  1. Select the Developer tool Studio

  2. Select a module of your choice, such as Documents!

  3. Go to fields

  4. Click on add field button

  5. Select the data type Documents. Enter the other details and click on save

  6. You can choose the Type of File you want to Upload. Such as jpg, docx, pdf etc

  7. You can include this Document field in Edit View, Detail View, ListView etc



Examples of how Documents field will appear in other views


1. Document Data Type Field in Create view


2.Preview Document Data Type Field in Detail View




3. Document Data Type Field in List View


4. Document Data Type Field in Dashlets



Assigned To:

Admin User

Support Information

         Welcome to Ideadunes support!  We're here to support you.

  • While Installing "Tag me" there are Two Types of Installation, first is Fresh Installation and Second is Modified Installation

  • For Fresh Installation you can easily reference and complete the installation with the help of User Guide. In case of any query or undergoing the Modified Installation, you could seek Our extra Support as well. We are available on Skype, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter and Facebook.

  • The ideadunes support team is ready to invest hours for you, solve your queries and provide you the required support.

  • You can have the advantage of getting our support, with some nominal hourly based charges. These charges differ based upon the functional areas in which the support is required.