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Agile - A Practice And Principle

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Agile - A Practice And Principle
By In Lifestyle, Posted 07-07-2017 07:00:12 AM

No wonder! This method of driving project deliverables is being used in various processes and by me for my relocation.

Here is a high-level account of my relocation using the agile methodology and principles starting with a two-week sprint. First, my Sprint included a plan to hash-out what needed to be done, how it was going to be done, resources needed when it was going to be done and specific descriptions of my success criteria for each task completed. I continually performed reviews of my tasks when completed to gauge my definition of done and to ensure a stream of improvement in tasks performance. I performed a one-person stand up in the mornings before going to work to understand the prior task, impediments and what/how fixes that needed to be done to address setbacks. In a nutshell, this was how my agile relocation took place and here is my detailed account starting with Sprint Planning.


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